Chough eye colour

Yes. The photo is one Chough in foreground with an adult (white eye) and a juvenile (dark eye) Raven behind. Not sure which species of Raven, probably Little Raven. Our Choughs are quite different to the choughs of Europe which are corvids (crows). Our choughs are quite different to ravens. Notice the quite . . . → Read More: Chough eye colour

Topknot Pigeons in Greenwich, Lane Cove

I’ve never seen this before. About 20 Topknot pigeons flew over my garden a couple of days ago and now 3 have been in it, looking about. Refugees from the bush fires no doubt. I think its time we actively promoted not only putting water out but also responsible feeding over this unprecedented disaster time. . . . → Read More: Topknot Pigeons in Greenwich, Lane Cove

Chough eye color

Hello birders,

Looking through our photos, I found one with interesting contrast between the birds’ eye colors. See the second photo for Chough at this checklist: Two birds there, I assume immatures, appear to have dark eyes.  The one facing the camera seems to have white eyes, not red.  Is that unusual? I have . . . → Read More: Chough eye color