Koel repellent.

Since playing Powerful Owl calls our resident Koel has not been heard again, 24 hrs later.

Hope it’s not coincidence.

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Birds and Anting

Dear All,


The topic of birds and anting crops up periodically on Birding-aus, most recently in the last few weeks.  Not the same as earlier discussions, but related, is the relationship between ants and birds in the nest.


The following paper has . . . → Read More: Birds and Anting

WTNT records

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I hope that this note finds you well…


My first migratory swift record for this season was yesterday.


At 1:00pm, approximately 50 x White-throated Needletails were seen over the Kennedy Hwy, 43kms south of Mt Garnet and north . . . → Read More: WTNT records

Birding-Aus Digest, Vol 85, Issue 13

It’s the nesting sites

Where do they next in our Capital ! Has anyone checked the Parliament Houses for these particular parasites. ? Tree hollows would be limited in Canberra.

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Podcast with Charlie Massy

Hi all, Thought some of you may want to listen to an interview I did last Friday with bird watcher and regenerative farmer Charlie Massy.  Best,  Charles Hunter Call of the Reed Warbler: a discussion with Dr. Charles Massy OAM – The Green Genius – saving our planet

Call of the Reed Warbler: . . . → Read More: Podcast with Charlie Massy

Indian Mynas




A lot can be and has been done about them. We have had a massive decline of the species, in Canberra, after a concerted effort over a lot of years. Just a suggestion following up on recent comments to check out this source. And don’t waste time . . . → Read More: Indian Mynas

Birding-Aus Digest, Vol 85, Issue 10

Playing with pussies.

Stephen’s reference on cats seemed more directed to one’s own pet pussy rather than to the problem of general protection of wildlife, (as outlines in the reference, an eye watering problem) from feral or uncontrolled domestic moggies.

Here in Mulgoa we have largely eliminated them by using possum traps, most successfully baited . . . → Read More: Birding-Aus Digest, Vol 85, Issue 10

Common Mynas

I am surprised that, on a birding site, some still use the misnomer of 'Indian Myna', for Acridotheres tristis. The accepted common name is 'Common Myna'. And the introduced bird is common up and down the east coast of Australia with varying densities. Populations also extend well inland in certain areas. No doubt it is . . . → Read More: Common Mynas


And of course, the day after I sent out my mail maintaining that there were no waxwings in Tromsø this autumn, a flock of 40-50 Bohemian Waxwings sailed over our house and landed in a tree nearby! That’ll reach me to make definite statements out of a very limited data material. As a biologist, . . . → Read More: waxwings

Cats and birds

There is good evidence that both domestic and feral cats have a serious adverse impact on avifauna. Birds Queensland has produced a brochure that encourages people to better manage their cats. This brochure may be found and downloaded here: https://birdsqueensland.org.au/cat_safety_brochure.php Please download and use wisely. We feel that it is important not to be seen . . . → Read More: Cats and birds