Birding-Aus Digest, Vol 81, Issue 25

We have on the Bellarine Peninsula large flocks of at least 300 Starlings flying in instant unison of directional change, scaring the tripes out of our Australian Hobby or Collared Sparrowhawk marauders that must be seeing a huge menacing single bird in action. Back to that Skylark methinks.

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Starlings and Indian Mynahs.

Hi Cathy,

As Stephen Ambrose noted, architects are designing buildings which are not conducive to birds, nesting or roosting. In cities, targeting pigeons in particular, starlings as well.

I have seen a large colony of Mynahs nesting in a hole in an ancient Angophora in Mulgoa, in the now Walleroo Nature Reserve, . . . → Read More: Starlings and Indian Mynahs.

**WANTED** Canon Camera Lens EF 400mmf/5.6 L USM

Hello to everyone!!


Unfortunately my trusty Canon lens has reached a sad state of non-repair – or at least the repair bill quoted by Canon is totally cost prohibitive!!


So I need your help PLEASE:

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Interesting Geoff,

Tassie could be their ultimate outpost! Despite the reports, oversell numbest in Sydney have visibly declined. No one is actually counting as far as I know.

Population Theory include boom:/bust scenarios, particularly in introduced situations. The European decline will ultimately derive from human activity I suspect.


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Still plenty from Ceduna to Port Augusta in SA – even took a pic or 2 at Fowlers Bay. Always think I’m back in civilisation (a misnomer of course), when I see them coming back across the Nullabor!

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Starling scarcity.

Maybe Avian Coronavirus ?

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Hi everyone,

Where have all the European Starlings gone. ? Once were thousands in Sydney, none. seen for a few years around Penrith, Springwood or elsewhere. Zero.

? Disease, Have I missed something ?

Their absence not a regret , just a mystery.


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WTNT Report for 2019/20

White-throated Needletail (Hirundapus caudacutus) Report for 2019/20 Season.

This season there were 4681 reports sent in, or published where I could find them. This is significantly more than last year, even after I have gone through and deleted the many duplicate reports that it appears to be fashionable to make! Unfortunately, . . . → Read More: WTNT Report for 2019/20

Sea Eagle Hatch

Sydney Sea Eagles first chick has hatched at 9:03 this morning 40 days after lay.  With delayed incubation we expect the second to hatch in a day or two.  Live view at  Sea-EagleCAM Live Video & Chat

Sea-EagleCAM Live Video & Chat

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border incidents: swimming shorebirds, the case of the Spotted Redshank

Hi Wim, I live in BC, Canada. I have seen yellowlegs swimming. Off-hand I don’t recall whether they were Greater or Lesser, but I have seen the behaviour a number of times. I do recall that on at least one occasion it seemed to be just a way of getting from A to B . . . → Read More: border incidents: swimming shorebirds, the case of the Spotted Redshank