Remembering Mallacoota

It is yet another irony that this scenic and interesting place is now associated by most Australians only with the sad and dramatic events of recent days.  I made a short visit there last October driving back to Canberra from Melbourne.  Martin Butterfield had suggested as a vantage point for shorebirds a spot . . . → Read More: Remembering Mallacoota


–effectively shaping the tree to be quite compact. Despite it being very ornamental, with light green leaves, having delightfully scented lilac flowers in spring, being covered in yellow or orange berries, and almost always with birds in it, White Cedars are a very high maintenance proposition. They are deciduous, shed twigs, dead leaves and berries . . . → Read More: Unfinished


White Cedars (Melia azedarach) are favourites of our local Currawong regurgitators, fouling every birdbath and fishpond in the garden Even water in house gutters, sprouting when they dry a sign that it’s time to clean th out. White Cedars (Persian lilacs), and we have one just outside the kitchen window, a spreading shady variety . . . → Read More: Regurgitation