Chough eye colour

Yes. The photo is one Chough in foreground with an adult (white eye) and a juvenile (dark eye) Raven behind. Not sure which species of Raven, probably Little Raven. Our Choughs are quite different to the choughs of Europe which are corvids (crows). Our choughs are quite different to ravens. Notice the quite different shape (including the bill). It is not really true that the white in the wings is only visible in flight. Yes the fully closed wings hide the white but they have many displays with open wings.




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Hello birders,

Looking through our photos, I found one with interesting contrast between the birds’ eye colors.


See the second photo for Chough at this checklist:



Two birds there, I assume immatures, appear to have dark eyes.  The one facing the camera seems to have white eyes, not red.  Is that unusual?


I have read that Choughs’ eyes can engorge with blood during displays and interactions.  Perhaps this individual is exceptionally serene?


Thanks for any thoughts you may have —


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Steve Johnson

returned now to the United States, no longer seeing all those wonderful birds Down Under


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