The impact of climate change on Bristlebirds

Seasons greetings folks.

On two occasions last year, I heard the melodic tones of an Eastern Bristlebird calling from the montane heath near one of the summits of Mt Barney [on the McPherson Range in SEQ and one of the best bushwalking locations in Australia]. This was a positive note given the tenuous status of . . . → Read More: The impact of climate change on Bristlebirds

Fire and Ice

Welcome. to the Seniors club Willem, I hear that hearing aids can be a great help although not needing them myself.

We lived in Rural Manitoba sometime last century and your post is reminiscent, except cannot recall any birds at all during the windswept winters, a small list of summer migrants including our first . . . → Read More: Fire and Ice

From Birding-Aus

Yes, I am still around and living in Northern Norway, although now mainly only lurking on the bird lists and not contributing anymore. My hearing is deteriorating steadily, I am on a waiting list for cataract operations, and I no longer drive my car in winter here. Winter this year has been much ups . . . → Read More: From Birding-Aus