Happy New Year everyone

I’ve been very quiet on this forum for a while and I’ve done very little birding, mostly because I’ve been going through the process of packing up my home in Victoria and relocating to Brisbane. I’ve settled into an apartment – an unfamiliar setting with no yard and fairly limited potential for a decent backyard list! But I have a great view towards the city and eastern suburbs so I’m all ready for the raptor migration (haha would be nice if we had such a thing!)

I’m in a cruise next week and will be visiting Port Vila, my first trip to Vanuatu, with a full day on land. If you’ve been there I’d be grateful for any advice on seeing some of the endemics, and if you know of a guide who might be available then that would be particularly helpful. So far I haven’t been able to track down any evidence of birding guides in Port Vila.

Good birding everyone

Russell Woodford
Birding-Aus Founder

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