Red Goshawk nest tree pruned as endangered bird flies vast distance

Bill Stent should have read the blog post concerned before asking for his "evidence":
1. An arborist was hired to lop the limbs off the tree.
2. The bird was sitting on eggs at the time the tree was lopped. Presumably it would have not remained sitting on the nest while the lopping was underway.
3. I provide a first-hand account from somebody who was actually there and prepared to go on the record. This was the person who discovered the nest. His claim was put to the Queensland Environment Department, which declined to respond.  
  Queensland Government officers studying the endangered Red Goshawk on Cape York lopped the limbs off a nesting tree while a bird was sitting on eggs to improve photographic opportunities.
That’s a fairly serious accusation, Greg, and it comes in three parts:
  • It was the Government officers who were the ones studying the Goshawk who lopped the tree (and not, for example,  the local electricity company)
  • The bird was sitting on eggs when the tree was lopped (and not while the parents were off hunting)
  • The reasons they lopped the tree was to improve photographic opportunities (and not, to continue the alternative example, to lessen fire danger)
What evidence do you have to support these three separate accusations?
Bill Stent

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