book wanted

Anyone have a copy of “Peregrines of the World” (Lynx) that you might be ready to let go of ? Judith SEQ 500m

— JudithLA

Fwd: update pallid cuckoos

I would like to suggest what is probably happening. Firstly it would be very strange and hard to imagine how it can ever happen that two juvenile Pallid Cuckoos are being fed by the same individual foster parents. The cuckoo chicks could be siblings (same actual parents – or not) but raised in . . . → Read More: Fwd: update pallid cuckoos

Fwd: update pallid cuckoos

———- Forwarded message ———From: Gary Wright <>Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2019 at 09:34Subject: update pallid cuckoosTo: <> both fledgings are spending time within 10 metres of each other. There appear to be 3-4 spiny cheeks in attendance. Not possible to tell if they are feeding both birds or just their 'own'. One bird . . . → Read More: Fwd: update pallid cuckoos

pallid cuckoo fledgings Wilmington SA

On Wed, 4 Dec 2019 at 08:27, Gary Wright <> wrote: A few days ago a pallid cuckoo fledging announced itself in our yard by its constant calling. Upon locating it we found a pair of spiny cheeked honeyeaters feeding it. We didn't hear it yesterday and wondered where it had got to. . . . → Read More: pallid cuckoo fledgings Wilmington SA

(no subject)

I was driving south on Grubb Road at Wallington when three quite large ducklings crossed the road in front of me. I think that they were attempting to get to the reservoir on the eastern side of Grubb Road. Apart from their size, what stood out for me was their different colours, all of which . . . → Read More: (no subject)

Cockatiel in Como

Hi all

Looked out my window at 6.15 this morning (Como on the Woronora River, Southern Sydney, 33,59,59S, 151,03,54E) and saw what I’m fairly sure was a cockatiel going past.

Assuming my id is correct, what’s the odds this was a drought refugee v. an aviary escapee?



is there a verb for this?

This morning I was watching an Australian Raven doing a pair-bonding or territorial display where it would fly up from a tree and glide back to the top of the tree moving its wings backwards and forwards (not up and down!). Is there a verb for this action?

— John LeonardCanberra . . . → Read More: is there a verb for this?

Impact of climate change on Arctic Terns


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Short-billed Dowitcher In the Pilbara

Hi Everyone, My blog “Top Birds & Everyfing” died a sudden death somewhere in the blogosphere some time ago… and with it went all the posts and it was time to finish it anyway. But being a glutton for punishment I have started a new one called using the Squarespace platform. It is a great . . . → Read More: Short-billed Dowitcher In the Pilbara

RFI re Recommended Telescopic Lens for a Camera

Hi Everyone, My wife has a Olympus OM-D camera and is a very keen photographer of landscapes, buildings and flowers. More recently she has become interested in taking bird photos but only has a 300mm telescopic lens which is somewhat limiting. Can someone please recommend a telescopic lens which would be more suitable for . . . → Read More: RFI re Recommended Telescopic Lens for a Camera