New Bird Species in the last 50 Years

This book may be of interest to some. I don’t know if it includes the Night Parrot. I have not seen it, so,I can’t answer any questions about it.

Carl Clifford

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Nikon Monarch 7 binoculars


Care should be taken when referring to models of Nikon binocs.

Nikon Monarch and Nikon Monarch 7s are totally different.

The Monarch 7s are nearly double the price of ordinary Monarchs and indeed according to their specs are very good.

I have had two pairs of the ordinary Monarchs, ordinary being the key word, . . . → Read More: Nikon Monarch 7 binoculars

Eastern Whipbird eye colour.

This morning when updating my website I noticed something odd. The bird in the latest picture I added had pale (cream) eyes.

So I went looking, and sure enough Birds Australia (Birds in Backyards) and the Australian Museum both state adult “eyes pale cream”.

However who else gets it right? Only one of the fieldguides . . . → Read More: Eastern Whipbird eye colour.

Nikon Monarch 7 binos

Birding Aussers

I recently purchased a pair of Nikon 8×30 Monarch 7 binos – as recommended by Don (in a generous private email exchange a few months ago).

They were bought as a back-up to my Swarovski 10x42s, as a pair I can loan to friends/visitors, and as a smaller, lighter option to take on . . . → Read More: Nikon Monarch 7 binos

Aleutian Terns at Old Bar, NSW

13 there this afternoon Dec 13 on a rising tide, we stayed from 1430-1600 and got great views, many thanks to Liam the finder who put the word out, and also found the very first here last year it seems! I suspect this may have been much overlooked as hardly anyone knows what they look . . . → Read More: Aleutian Terns at Old Bar, NSW

Good Quality Binoculars

Hello John,

During my lifetime I have owned quite a few binoculars and looked through many more.

Of all these the ones that have stood the test of time are the Leitz Trinovids, now over 40 years old and still in good condition, a testament to quality.

Recently I purchased yet another pair as a . . . → Read More: Good Quality Binoculars

Oz breeding bird questions

So what IS the total count ? Are mainland breeding seabirds included ? And how many recent (last ten years) splits have status ? How many of those are there and what are they? Who decides?



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Minox binoculars, declining quality

I am a great believer in budget optics because I think it’s possible to get a good quality image from binoculars without paying too much, and it would be heart-breaking to have binoculars worth $1000s stolen/lost/damaged.

I had a pair of Minox 10 x 44 binoculars I was very happy with, they got a problem . . . → Read More: Minox binoculars, declining quality

how many endemic mainland breeders?

Hello all,

has anyone counted the number of bird species endemic to Australia that breed, or are known to have bred at some time, on the mainland?

I intend to compare the threats to the endemic mainland breeder Grey Falcon with the threats faced by other endemic mainland breeders, and will be very grateful for . . . → Read More: how many endemic mainland breeders?

Birding Singapore

Doug, I would highly recommend a visit to Panti forest over and above any of the Singapore spots – it’s in Southern Malaysia but can be reached within 2 hours from Singapore as long as you time the causeway ok – early morning 5am is good. You could drive yourself by hiring a car (insurance . . . → Read More: Birding Singapore