garden wilmington SA

It's a lovely time of year here at the moment. Many years ago I planted many Rhagodia parabolica to bring in the variegated wrens which worked. An unforeseen benefit of the Rhagodia has been the little red berries that they produce in copious amounts. This means that flocks of silvereyes teem through the bushes-often . . . → Read More: garden wilmington SA

Wild and crazy little budgies and shifting movements and patterns

I have noticed what I wonder is a pattern in budgerigar occurrence and movements. In 2019 keen on spending time with this species I noted that there were sometimes 100s in January/Feb of 2019 in the Alice Springs region. By April/May when I arrived in Alice things keen on seeing some flocks things were much . . . → Read More: Wild and crazy little budgies and shifting movements and patterns

More Pacific Swifts

Hi again Mike,


Another flock of around 100 Pacific Swifts were observed on Goldsborough Road in Goldsborough Valley, south of Cairns, at 11.05am on 14 February.



Tania Ireton

Birding-Aus Digest, Vol 76, Issue 8

The Botanic Gardens Scientists and Seed Bank are doings a truly wonderful job. Obviously more on-ground research in burned areas, particularly those which were previously unburned in living history, needs to be done for many years in order to monitor all kinds of regeneration of plants and animals.

I am pessimistic. There seems . . . → Read More: Birding-Aus Digest, Vol 76, Issue 8

Pacific Swifts

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63 Pacific Swifts were observed along a stretch of the Bruce Highway south of Cairns from about Warner Road, Yarrabah, feeding over the canefields around 9.45am on 12 February.  The birds were seen whilst we were driving for about five minutes.


One more was observed . . . → Read More: Pacific Swifts

was Mallee Emu-wren..not anymore – now Western Ground Parrot.

Ummm – this thread, which is still very interesting by the way, has morphed from concern for emu-wrens into a discussion on the status of Western Ground Parrot.  If in future someone wants to find it, how do they do so when the posting is titled “Mallee Emu-wren”? Next poster on the WGP thread, . . . → Read More: was Mallee Emu-wren..not anymore – now Western Ground Parrot.

White-throated Needletails in Melbourne

If you live in Melbourne or are visiting and want to get WTNT on your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly list now is the time to look skyward.

In recent years they rarely visit Melbourne, but I think the reason I have seen five flocks in the last four days is that they have . . . → Read More: White-throated Needletails in Melbourne

Mallee Emu-wren

Thanks to all those reassuring posts about the persistence of the Mallee Emu-wren.

Western Ground Parrot is apparently very threatened, and relocation has been suggested, to areas it once was. Why has it gone from those areas? Is captive breeding possible with Ground Parrots? (?presumably not for Emu-wrens). (Illegal aviculture of Button-quail used to occur)

. . . → Read More: Mallee Emu-wren

Mallee Emuwren, US National Parks

Does anyone know whether Mallee Emu-wrens have survived the fires ?

We toured California for a month just before their recent disastrous bush fires, some involving State and National Parks. California has more of these than any other State by far, and an extremely well developed Conservation ethic.

Trump has allowed commercialisation of National (not . . . → Read More: Mallee Emuwren, US National Parks

Land of the smokey bears

I found the below link about the now slightly contentious , perhaps outdated, Smokey Bear, an emblem of the agency in the United States that manages National Parks  –  real national parks, that is, not like our State-managed parks that are labelled ‘National’ in imitation of those Americans.  Some entertain the idea that . . . → Read More: Land of the smokey bears