Odd Miner, Melbourne

Walking the dog along Kooning Creek this morning, we came across a weird looking Miner. In a colony of Noisy Miners, it has a head just like a Noisy, including the half black cap, but when it flies, there are large white patches on its upper wings, as though it has white primaries. When folded . . . → Read More: Odd Miner, Melbourne

Mulgoa Monarch

I saw and watched for a while the first Black-faced Monarch seen here in Mulgoa Valley by me In 40 years. In thick shrubbery on the (dry) creek, in drizzle. Common on the Coast and obviously does get to the Valley from time to time.

Today there were two loudly calling Reed Warblers, about . . . → Read More: Mulgoa Monarch

Sudden Spring Mulgoa

Hi All Summer migrants appeared suddenly two days ago here in Mulgoa Valley ,50 km west of Sydney Harbour Bridge, two days ago after just over 25 mm of rain. Channel-billed Cuckoos flying back and forth shrieking, male Rufous Whistler whistling, and yesterday a Reed Warbler in a clump of thin-stemmed bamboo next to the . . . → Read More: Sudden Spring Mulgoa

Lake Acraman, SA

Hi all, I’ve been asked to help tick off a bucket list item for a friend, and visit Lake Acraman, probably in around April or May of 2019. Geologically, this is a very significant place, but I’ve utterly no idea of anything else about it.

Has anyone ever visited this site? What kind of . . . → Read More: Lake Acraman, SA

Slender-billed Thornbill – recent sightings.

hi Jane,

it’s been many years (15 yrs) since I was there at Port Wakefield, so it’s not recent info, but I found a small party of them readily as soon as I found the first good habitat for them in the low samphire/saltbush as you enter the Port Cinton CP, just on the west . . . → Read More: Slender-billed Thornbill – recent sightings.

Death of the Wanderer

This is a sad story.



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Slender-billed Thornbill – recent sightings.

I am travelling in South Australia and would appreciate location advice and recent sightings of the Slender-billed Thornbill. I will be in the Port Wakefield area before travelling into Yorke Peninsula. Thank you. Jane Hall.

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. . . → Read More: Slender-billed Thornbill – recent sightings.


Over the past few weeks on the NSW south coast, Ulladulla, for the first time I can remember we have had small to large flocks of Silvereyes that are foraging everywhere, in bushes, on the grass, on the beach, under salt marsh samphire, along fences etc. There were the Tassy forms at first and now . . . → Read More: Silvereyes

autumn walks in Odijk


I am in Holland for two weeks, in Odijk, the village near Utrecht where my LAT partner Riet lives. This village is bordered on 3 sides by the Kromme (=curvy) Rhine, now a relatively minor river through low-lying fields. But it has an exalted history: some two thousand years ago . . . → Read More: autumn walks in Odijk

Yellow Chat

Our travelling trio are hoping to be in Katherine in a bit over a week. Assuming the Yellow Chats are still there, what is the situation on entry to the Water Treatment Works….and any hints where to look for the Chats please? Many thanks, John Hopkins P.S. when our trip is over, I’ll post a . . . → Read More: Yellow Chat