Black-breasted button-quail

Have you tried to contact whoever published the brochure? They might be able to put you on to the photographer who might be able to tell you where they took the photo! Martin Butterfield

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Black-breasted button-quail

Hi Karri, If you look on eBird ( it shows the species range map for the Black-breasted Buttonquail. There doesn’t seem to be any recordings of it too near Queen Mary Falls, but there are recordings of it not too far away to the North East. Checking Birdata might also be useful, but more . . . → Read More: Black-breasted button-quail

Black-breasted button-quail

Hi all I’m up in Stanthorpe region Was just looking at a brochure of Queen Mary falls and it has a picture of the Black-breasted Button-quail Would anybody out there KNOW where I MIGHT catch a glimpse?? General vicinity??

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Thanks Kirri 😊

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OT (and OS) Fruit Bats

Could some one tell me what the common Fruit Bat is in west Malaysia and on Bali? Thanks

— John

‘There is kinship between people and all animals. Such is the Law.’ Kimberley lawmen (from Yorro Yorro)

Green Rosellas are the alpine parrots of Tasmania

My son and I recently went for a stroll along the Overland Track during the Easter holiday break.

It was interesting to see how the place had changed over the three decades since I last walked through the park. The huts are getting bigger and better equipped, more people are walking the track and . . . → Read More: Green Rosellas are the alpine parrots of Tasmania

Fairy-wren questions

These questions can only be answered by people handling live birds or museum skins.  I was banding birds near South Grafton yesterday and Friday and we caught and banded a few Red-backed Fairy-wrens and Superb Fairy-wrens.  Two of the Red-backed FWs were adult males in eclipse but there was also a bird that appeared . . . → Read More: Fairy-wren questions


Gooday all on BA


May be out at Alice Springs soon. Can anyone say if the Letter-wing Kites are present anywhere nearby that I may be able to see one? Also any tips on Grey Falcon?


Thanks heaps


Greg Little


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Bhutan app

Hi everyone A friend leaves for Bhutan in a couple of days. She has a guide book but I wondered if there is an app for Bhutan? She'll be walking with a small group, not doing a birding tour. She's not an experienced birder. Thanks for any suggestions. Chris . . . → Read More: Bhutan app

mid April, early for spring at 70*N


Today we finally have nice sunny calm weather here in Tromsø, at 69*50’in N. Norway; +1*C in the morning +4* in the middle of the day. We have had a week of drizzly . . . → Read More: mid April, early for spring at 70*N

Birdpedia – Australia – Weekly Digest

The following is a digest of Sightings Reported on Birdpedia for the period Monday, April 15, 2019 to Sunday, April 21, 2019:

Area: SA

Location: Dennis Hut Camp ground Waitpinga

Fork-tailed Swift (Apus pacificus) (20+) Birds were hawking low over the camp ground

Reported by: Winston Syson on Tuesday, April 16, 2019


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