photos for wikipedia articles

Hi all,
there has been a flurry of activity in improving Wikipedia articles and I
have been involved..and we need some photos…

To release photos for Wikipedia, they have to be licenced for commercial
use, which many photographers are (justifiably) uncomfortable with.

What I am hoping is that some people are happy to release “offcuts” – i.e.
good photos but not the absolute best ones for the following:

*Nest and/or babies of pied butcherbird
*Subsp hillii (Kimberley) of northern rosella
*any photos of adult or immature subsp nigrescens of crimson rosella
*any photos of subsp lurida of boobook owl (or any race that is not the
nominate) – as well, any baby owls would be great.

Either create an account and upload to

or if they are on flickr, change the lience to commercial use allowed….

or as a last resort email me with written permission in the email. And
please let me know

Cas Liber

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