birders and the sharing economy, Open State Festival, South Australia.

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I’m forwarding the following information on South Australia’s Open State Festival from Marianna Sigala, professor of tourism, University of SA. I’m one of the speakers.

The title of my presentation is “Back to the basics: Aboriginal values (trans)-forming the Sharing tourism economy in the 21st century”. This lecture is relevant to birders in that I discuss the role they played in the decision of Kunwinjku elders to open their country at Baby Dreaming (Kudjekbinj, western Arnhem Land) to visitors. Secondly, I speak about the sharing economy in relation to both birders and Bininj.

For anyone interested in China may I recommend Professor Xiang’s address? She has spoken previously about the Chinese Government’s inclusion of the sharing economy in their five year social and developmental plan to alleviate poverty in rural communities and I hope this will again be her topic. This may enhance access of particular birders into more remote areas.




I would like to personally invite you to our event “Sharing Economy and Tourism” on the 4th October 2017.

Please find below information about our event

The Sharing Economy is an important issue that has raised many issues in the tourism economy.
The sharing Economy is not just UBER and AIRBNB. It is growing exponentially affecting all sectors in tourism (i.e. transportation, accommodation, visitor attractions, events, restaurants, tour operators…)
Join our workshop to learn more about:
– The new players and their business models
– How your business is being affected
– The entrepreneurial opportunities and threats created by the sharing economy
– The impacts of the sharing economy on industry structures, policy making and employment patterns

The workshop features three sessions and a grand debate bringing together 11 speakers representing researchers, sharing entrepreneurs and start-ups, leading professionals in the field.
We have teamed up with the SA Government and this workshop is part of the Open State Festival, so we are expecting a lot of participants.

I would be delighted if you can join us in this event and/or exchange insights into the sharing economy, as we currently work on several research projects on this issue.

With kind regards,

Marianna Sigala
Professor of Tourism
Director of Centre of Tourism & Leisure Management

p.s. A press release of a recent event organised by CTLM on “Digital Marketing in Tourism”

Entrepreneurship and sharing economy in tourism: unravelling economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts

The Centre for Tourism and Leisure Management has teamed up with the Open State festival in 2017. The Open State is a festival of collaboration, innovation, ideas and enterprise, held annually in Adelaide. This year, Open State will run from 28 September – 8 October. Alongside Open State, we will help bring together community, government and business to ignite discussion, celebrate innovation and find practical solutions to the challenges facing South Australia now and in the future. Attend our event Entrepreneurship and sharing economy in tourism: unravelling economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts to help co-create South Australia’s future.
The sharing economy in tourism is growing at exponential rates. By transforming the way we live, work, produce, consume and exchange goods and services, the sharing economy is challenging the fundamental institutions of employment, work and entrepreneurship, while it can also generate social value. The new breed of sharing micro-entrepreneurs are driven by unconventional and controversial entrepreneurial motives, while they follow un-traditional work patterns. The workshop gathers leading academics, sharing economy entrepreneurs and professional experts to present findings and discuss the following economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts of the sharing economy:

Sharing economy and transformations of social values, lifestyles, working patterns and consumption behaviours.
Does the sharing economy generate social value? How can we normalise and institutionalise to ensure a wider sustainable positive impact?
How the sharing economy disrupts industry structures and economic systems?
What types of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities are fuelled by the sharing economy?
The workshop features:
11 presentations from internationally recognised academics and sharing economy entrepreneurs, all experts in their field.
A discussion panel with leading experts and entrepreneurs from the sharing economy.
Do not miss the opportunity to access and discuss knowledge and experiences with the prominent speakers of this Open State workshop.

Participation is free, but registration is required for planning purposes.

Register online to secure your place

4 October 2017

1.00pm – 5.30pm

Bradley Forum
Level 5, Hawke building
City West Campus, 55 North Terrace, Adelaide

Workshop presenters:

· Professor Marianna Sigala, University of South Australia

· Dr Rob Hallak, University of South Australia

· Denise Lawungkurr Goodfellow, Southern Cross University

· Associate Professor Yixiao Xiang, Shandong University, Jinan, China

· Professor Sara Dolnicar, University of Queensland

· Sanne Reijenga, Events & Volunteer Coordinator, OzHarvest SA

· Ludwina Dautovic, Founder and CEO, The Room Xchange

· Nick O’Brien, CV Check, National Enterprise Manager

· Paul Hart, Co-Founder

· Justin Hales, CEO, Camplify

· Suzette Sutton, Australian Home Hosting Expo

Visit for more information and to explore the many exciting events and guest speakers that will be part of Open State 2017.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Denise Lawungkurr Goodfellow Ph.D.
PO Box 71
Darwin River, NT, Australia 0841
043 8650 835

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