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glossy blacks

Hi Folks For anyone in the south coast of NSW area: on the walk to the lighthouse south from Burri Pt Rd, Gorilla Bay, about half a kilometre in, there was a party of about 4 glossy black cockatoos feeding in the casurina/banksia woodland (yesterday). Great birds to see. Kim

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Old bird names

In my isolation confinement I have been doing some research on Margaret Menzies who lived in the Jamberoo region of N.S.W. from 1839 till 1860. She was a lover of birds and recorded the birds in the area. Unfortunately her journal has been lost and all that has survived is a two page list. . . . → Read More: Old bird names

Birdpedia – Australia – Weekly Digest

The following is a digest of Sightings Reported on Birdpedia for the period Monday, April 27, 2020 to Sunday, May 3, 2020:

Area: SA

Location: Murraylands

Striped Honeyeater (Plectorhyncha lanceolata) (1) Cnr of Eucalyptus and Russell Rds about 14kms NE of Murray Bridge. Also within 150mtrs each way there were a further 16 species sighted.

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Murder or Pandemic

Someone had to suggest it.

A Pandemic of Corvids, a Murder of Crows. An Isolate of Ravens.

(Isolation can caws this to your brain)

Stay sane


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[Birding-Aus] raven behaviour (was: LACoBirds] PANDEMIC)

To anyone wishing to contribute to this, fine, but please delete anything up to and including my posting about “Pandemic”, as I have done, unless you are carrying forward on that issue, and really there isn’t any more to add. At least Jonny was good enough to change the subject header,

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[Birding-Aus] raven behaviour (was: LACoBirds] PANDEMIC)

Hi all, Australian Ravens at Perth congregate at times, and the number of birds reach and exceed 20. A couple of weeks ago I observed a mob of more than 20 Australian Ravens on the verge of our street near Perth’s Bold Park. The group comprised dark-eyed young and white-eyes adults. Two of the . . . → Read More: [Birding-Aus] raven behaviour (was: LACoBirds] PANDEMIC)


It’s not exactly natural habitat for ravens, but Australian Ravens do also congregate in large numbers at rubbish tips, especially when landfill earthworks are in progress. During surveys along the Hume Highway on the South-west Slopes, pairs of Australian Ravens were often observed scouring the highway at first light for carcasses of dead . . . → Read More: [LACoBirds] PANDEMIC


Actually the Australian Raven does at time associate – I have seen it a couple of times here in Perth. I have heard it is the annual get together of the younger un paired birds. That is indeed how it seemed. I would have described it as a rolling scrimmage, moving progressively through the . . . → Read More: [LACoBirds] PANDEMIC


Some awkward comment on a global crisis. I had been waiting for an opportunity to write a message like this when I did see a reasonable size flock of ravens about 3 weeks ago whilst driving near home. I don’t know which species. I thought will I / won’t I make the pun. . . . → Read More: [LACoBirds] PANDEMIC