It’s not exactly natural habitat for ravens, but Australian Ravens do also congregate in large numbers at rubbish tips, especially when landfill earthworks are in progress. During surveys along the Hume Highway on the South-west Slopes, pairs of Australian Ravens were often observed scouring the highway at first light for carcasses of dead animals. But if there was a rubbish tip nearby, they would spend a good part of the remainder of the day joining Little Ravens there.


Stephen Ambrose

Ryde NSW



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Actually the Australian Raven does at time associate – I have seen it a couple of times here in Perth. I have heard it is the annual get together of the younger un paired birds. That is indeed how it seemed. I would have described it as a rolling scrimmage, moving progressively through the bush in Bold Park, with Birds pursuing each other in pairs and small groups but maintaining the overall group. No obvious signs of antagonistic behaviour. Seemed like more than 19.




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