Sri Lanka

Hi all. Can someone recommend a lightweight field guide &/or App for phone for birds of Sri Lanka? Thanks, Sue

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White-winged Fairy-wrens

Thanks to Stephen, Maris and Peter for the responses I have passed them on to the observer. Is their anyone in particular who is following this for research or data collection that it should be reported to?

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Dear All Yesterday afternoon (25/9/17) searching for BBBQ: after searching the Bullock Point site, finding some platelets, but none recent, decided to go out to the mud flats at the boat ramp and watch sea birds and raptors. WBSEagles courting in the air is a spectacular sight with Brahmini Kite soaring above. The usual waders . . . → Read More: BBBQ

Night warblers

I seek assistance to identify the ‘night warblers’.

We have just returned from a 13 week trip during which we drove across to Perth and back. During this trip I heard a bird repeat warbling exactly a few phrases of song at most camps. The song is different at every location but is always repeated . . . → Read More: Night warblers

White-winged Fairy-Wrens

In 2008, we set out to go to the western-most point of Australia, but about lunch time we stopped before we would have headed north and watched a black White-winged Wren. We had long and good looks and it was definitely black – no trick of light on blue. We spent so much time there . . . → Read More: White-winged Fairy-Wrens

White-winged Fairy-Wrens

Hi Chris,

Schodde & Mason (1999) state in relation to M. l. leucopterus:

“There are occasional anecdotal reports of the ‘black’ form or of blue males with black feathering on the Australian mainland, particularly on Peron Peninsula opposite Dirk Hartog Island and on Eighty-Mile Beach, WA (e.g. Collins 1995), but their significance cannot be evaluated . . . → Read More: White-winged Fairy-Wrens

White-winged Fairy-Wrens

While travelling in WA I was asked by a couple of birders about their sighting of a Malurus leucopterus edouardi or M.i.leucopterus around Caernarvon. Both were adamant they had seen the satin black race on the mainland. No this is way above the pay grade of a seabirder so can anyone tell me whether either . . . → Read More: White-winged Fairy-Wrens

(no subject)

And a couple of Drongos mixing it with the Dollarbirds – ain’t that just life !

Must be bugs out over the high valley in the heat. There’s a quorum of currawongs echo-carolling, so could be it’ll rain.

Second SD sighting this Season.

Judith SEQ 500m This note’s from the mobile.

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Season firsts

First Dollarbirds arrived today –THREE together. Some jostling in a big euc …

JUdith SEQ 500m This note’s from the mobile.

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Jayden Walsh: Birding Interview

Hi all,

I recently interviewed Mr. Jayden Walsh on the BirdSpeak part of my birding website. We discuss his candidacy for the Northern Beaches, his local patch, conservation and his Northern Beaches Big Year attempt! You can read all about it at this link: .

James Mustafa

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