Zeiss binoculars

Hello Stephen,

I am reluctant to recommend any particular brand or model of binocular. Especially with expensive ones you should at least look through them before purchase to make sure they suit you.

Over the years I have owned or used a wide variety of binoculars from the best to the worst.

In a nutshell, the best last longer. I still have my Leitz Trinovids that are now more than 40 years old and still optically clean and bright but I rarely use them because of their rather long minimum focus.

Certainly Zeiss Victory are their best and most expensive model and are very highly regarded. By Zeiss Tetra I assume you mean Terra which are their new low cost model in the $500 bracket. Not having seen these I can’t comment.

What I can comment on is their “medium” priced model which I recently bought as a birthday present for my wife.

The Zeiss Conquest HD (we bought the 8 x 32 for their light weight and wide angle of view) sell for about $1400 and for my eyes at least, these are up with the best . I have never handled a better binocular.

I just did a Google search for them and see that there is a special on offer for the 8 x 32s for $999, an absolute bargain.


Graeme Chapman

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