Re Zeiss Bins.

I and my wife were faithful Zeiss users, of several their top of the range bins for over forty years. The eyepiece fell out of their latest top of the range a few years ago, after some years of sterling service. No one in Sydney could help, I sent them back to Germany ($50 insured post). They repaired the eyepiece, and unasked by me also replaced a lens (which was minimally scratched and un-noticeable in use) and cleaned them, charged the equivalent of Aus $1000, payable up front, plus $50 return postage.

I coughed up, figuring that they would be as good as new and that ne ones would have cost over $2000.

The screw in/out eyepiece was different to the original.

It stopped working within weeks.

I contacted Zeiss, they told me to return them (at my expense) and if they decided that it was not my fault they would repair them free of charge. Except for another $50 return insured postage.

So long Zeiss.

Swarovski have lenses at least as good, are more compact and easier to use, I love my 8x42s. On this chatline I have read that they have Australian agents should their bins need service, and that they honour their lifetime guarantee.



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