“Wings on King’ call for volunteer bird surveyors

Hello Everyone,

As some of you will know by now, the Wings on King project, surveys birds in over 60 sites across King Island in Bass Strait.  You know – the island that produces great cheese, beef, crayfish and other delicacies. These sites are surveyed twice a year and are located on both private and public land so surveyors get to go places that most visitors can’t.  

King Island is a fascinating island ecologically and geologically.  With 9 King Island bird endemics including two that are critically endangered, most of the Tasmanian endemic birds, international and trans-Bass Strait migrants and vagrants that can turn up from anywhere, it is a great spot for birding.  It is also a beautiful island and the autumn usually brings lovely still, sunny days.

These bird surveys take place every spring and autumn so the next one is due on 23-26th April.  

This is a call for experienced birders to visit the island and lead a small team or bring your own team, to join in these surveys.  We always have fun and a few social events.  This April an art exhibition by Therese Gabrielle Wilkins  ‘Endangered, Endemic, Extinct’ that focuses on the birds of King Island, is opening on the Friday evening and our guest speaker at the Saturday dinner is Dr Jenny Lau who manages BirdLife Australia’s Preventing Extinctions Program.   

To find out more about the birds of King Island and the project, or to register as a volunteer go to https://www.birdsofkingisland.com 


Thanks – in hopeful expectation…


Kate Ravich
Facilitator, Wings on King

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