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As part of our never ending and so far successful efforts by a dedicated group of us to prevent suburban development in Mulgoa Valley, one of our many defences is that the Valley is a recognised Flyway for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds.

Although this is very apparent in Spring and Autumn, and an obvious reality known to local birders , some kind of authoritative written Citation would carry more weight than just our opinion in our Submissions to the various Departments involved.

The Valley is a semi-rural area between Wallacia and Penrith, with minimal 25 – 40 acre subdivisions outside of Mulgoa Village, all sorts of bird habitat including Native Forest and undergrowth, forest edge, grass paddocks, numerous small and large dams, intermittent creeks, clay banks and introduced flowering and fruiting trees.
( In my thirty five plus years here I have counted well over two hundred species, including accidentals and transitory migrants, In only one cross section of the Valley. At the moment there are Regent Honeyeaters and Swift Parrots, (in secret locations on private property). During Inland Drought the Valley is a retreat for many species including water birds, As a slice of the Blue Mountain foothills cut off millennia ago and not just an extension if the Sydney Basin, it is a National Natural Treasure as well as having extreme historic significance, both European and Aboriginal, all of which would be destroyed or dramatically degraded by the proposed changes that we oppose)

Does anyone know of written references to the Mulgoa Valley Flyway in the literature ?

Michael Hunter

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