Wild and crazy little budgies and shifting movements and patterns

I have noticed what I wonder is a pattern in budgerigar occurrence and movements.
In 2019 keen on spending time with this species I noted that there were sometimes 100s in January/Feb of 2019 in the Alice Springs region.
By April/May when I arrived in Alice things keen on seeing some flocks things were much different and not a bird was to be seen.
Conversely in Longreach/Winton area there were decent numbers during April/May.
It was like things shifted from the Alice region to the Winton/Longreach area as summer drew to a close and autumn was upon the land.
Currently in E-bird I am again noting fairly good numbers being reported in the Alice region but very few now in the Winton/Longreach area.  I am wondering if there numbers again are going to increase here and decrease in Alice.
Is this a pattern?  Or is there an explanation from Aussie mates that live there?
Many thanks!
Don Kimball
the Parrot Bloke.

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