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It's a lovely time of year here at the moment.  Many years ago I planted many Rhagodia parabolica to bring in the variegated wrens which worked.  An unforeseen benefit of the Rhagodia has been the little red berries that they produce in copious amounts.  This means that flocks of silvereyes teem through the bushes-often see the bushes just flicking.  We recently had 3" of rain (75 mm) and Eremophilas in the garden like the great desert plants they are, flowered.  Observed the silvereyes taking nectar from the flower with their little stubby bills.  Thiis may be common knowledge but it was news to me.
Back to the Rhagodias, the other beneficiaries are the mallee ringnecks and the singing honeyeaters.  So, right now, these birds are conspicuous around the garden.
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