Powerful Owls at Buchan, East Gippsland

Hi all

Since 2014 we’ve been seeing Powerful Owls at Buchan Caves Reserve, East
Gippsland. Sightings have been increasing, and we are now seeing them on
50% of visits, and sometimes 2 birds.

They’ve been seen with a range of prey items including Common Brushtail,
Sugar Glider, Koala and Australian Magpie.

I’ve written an article about them, what, when and where we’ve seen them,
with photos and maps.

Please feel free to share or comment: www.echidnawalkabout.com.au/

Len, Jack – there are plenty of records of PO in the mountain country of
East Gippsland on ALA, a couple on Birdata but few on eBird – is it lack of
visitation or are the birds declining do you think?

Jenny – I have mentioned you in the article. I saw online that you’d seen
them too. Can you add your observations to this?

All the best, Janine

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