I wonder if you could help me with a mystery?

I have read a lot of pieces about kookaburras now on the internet but am
still confused about some behaviour I recently saw in a number of places in
the Dandenong Ranges. At intervals of perhaps 1 kilometer (on made paths) I
found larger groups of kookaburras (too many to be typical family groups)
congregating together doing trapeze flights and singing and vocalising in a
wonderful various way. Individuals seemed to be “establishing contact” with
one flying to perch beside another (which often relatively quickly
withdrew). I assumed this was all some kind of courtship process in which a
number of families joined as unbonded young ones paired up, but nothing I
have found on the internet confirms this assumption. Have you seen the same
behaviour? Can you explain to me what is going on?

I contacted Marc Anderson (who writes on kookaburras), but he was not sure
about how to explain this behaviour and suggested I contact you instead.

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