Photo request and event info (Big Scrub, northern NSW)

Hi all,
An organisation that I have an association with called Big Scrub Landcare ( looking for some photos of birds and any other fauna that were taken in the Byron Bay region in NSW, preferably in areas of remnant Big Scrub (which is the critically endangered sub-tropical lowland rainforest in the region).
They will be used on their social channels and photo credit will be included.
The Big Scrub remnants contain the highest biodiversity in any terrestrial ecosystem in NSW with many flora species having lineages dating back millions of years to Gondwana.
If you have never bird watched in this area you are missing out!
For those that are interested, there is a online event called Big Scrub Rainforest Day being held on Sunday 20th September 2020 at 6pm. The event is normally held at Rocky Creek Dam (next to Nightcap National Park) but for obvious reasons is being held online this year.
This year the event / discussion forum is focused on the fires that burned rainforests in the region for the first time in millennia in late 2019.
You can learn more about the event and register for the event here:
Charles Hunter
Bronte, Sydney

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