Melbourne mystery sound

Dear Fellow Birders,

I was hoping someone with really good audio bird ID abilities could help
me ID a bird that my friend recorded in Melbourne in Clifton Hill along
the Merri creek (it is near the Yarra Bend Park, not far from the CBD).
Here is about a minute of recording:

He hears it between 5-6am, and it seemingly has two different types of

My first guess is Noisy Miner. Noisy Miners have a wide range of songs
and a lone Miner singing can sound something like this. The pitch seems

On the other hand, I have never really heard a Noisy Miner quite like
this either. I lived quite close to Clifton Hill (Kew, right next to the
Yarra Bend Park) also. So, I may also be totally wrong and the obvious
answer is just eluding me. I’ve listened to hundreds of calls on Xeno
Canto and I can’t come up with a closer match. I feel like someone on
here who is great at bird call ID will have no trouble with this one!


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