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I recently purchased a pair of Nikon 8×30 Monarch 7 binos – as recommended
by Don (in a generous private email exchange a few months ago).

They were bought as a back-up to my Swarovski 10x42s, as a pair I can loan
to friends/visitors, and as a smaller, lighter option to take on trips which
are not dedicated birding trips but where some incidental birding may be
possible (eg a golfing trip).

I have found them to be everything Don claims for them. Light (almost
exactly half the weight of my Swaros), easy to pack, excellent optics (with
a surprisingly bright image), good field of view, robust, comfortable to
use. I am extremely happy with them for all the purposes I had hoped for.

No reservations (so far at least).

Richard Nowotny

Port Melbourne

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> I am a great believer in budget optics because I think it’s possible

> to get a good quality image from binoculars without paying too much,

> and it would be heart-breaking to have binoculars worth $1000s


> I had a pair of Minox 10 x 44 binoculars I was very happy with, they

> got a problem and Minox replaced them. They got another problem and

> this time they were out of warranty, but Minox said to me I could have

> a pair of the successor model (BV 10 x 44) at a wholesale price, so I

> took them up on this.


> However, when they arrived I found the optics were markedly inferior

> to my old Minox binoculars. I couldn’t get a sharp image, and I guess

> that Minox has been cutting corners with lens quality &c. So I am

> having to return them.


> I’ll have to cross Minox off my list of quality budget optics.

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