Fwd: [OB] Re: Now! we can buy a land for Spoon-billed Sandpipers

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Crow school

Here the Torresian Crow fledglings are loudly out-&-about now. Driving down the mountain today, I came around the top bend of a long-S shape in the road, densely weedy either side. At the further end of my view was a cluster of crows on the road near the centre line, several of them pecking at . . . → Read More: Crow school

Re Bruny Island Bird

Thanks everybody for the ID of the Immature Golden Whistler. Great pool of collective knowledge and experience.

Regards Ken

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African Olive

Hi All.

I was woken predawn at Avoca Beach NSW on Sunday by a remarkable chorus of contented whistles, chortles, clicks, snaps, rasps, hiccups, short songs and other bird noises emanating from a huge old African Olive outside the bedroom window. It was laden with small fruit, unripened green and ripe black.

I identified Satin . . . → Read More: African Olive

More sunny days, but Arctic air in Tromsø


In Norwegian we have an expression: "How long was Adam in Paradise?" which we use in cases of somewhat unexpected setbacks after a promising development. Last time I wrote to you we had temperatures in . . . → Read More: More sunny days, but Arctic air in Tromsø

Bruny Island Bird

Jamaican Birding Report

Dear Birding-Aus Members,

Just thought I’d share a blog post I just wrote:


It is about the trip my wife and I just took to Jamaica, in case anyone is interested in going there (there is relatively little information on Jamaica compared to Australia). We went unguided for 9 days, and had a great . . . → Read More: Jamaican Birding Report

Melbourne ‘parakeet’

Dear all Thank you for the identification suggestions (posted on the forum and sent directly) for the Melbourne 'parakeet' that I posted. After checking some images on the Internet, I think the suggestion that the bird was an escaped female Superb Parrot is correct.

— Regards Richard . . . → Read More: Melbourne ‘parakeet’

Peregrine chicks

Watching the Baltimore skyscraper nest-cam? Really amazing. And the nest pair history (recapped in the Comments) is quite surprising. Judith – https://explore.org/livecams/falcons/peregrine-falcon-chesapeake-conservancy

— JudithLA

Melbourne ‘parakeet’

I wonder if anyone can assist with an identification as my reference books are not accessible. This morning a green 'parakeet' flew over and landed in a nearby tree. It was green overall. The bill was pinkish red, the head green, no collar was evident, chest and belly green suffused brown (not as clear . . . → Read More: Melbourne ‘parakeet’