Birding-Aus Digest, Vol 59, Issue 15

Message 8 an 9. Re Swimming Frogmouth

There is also video on my facebook page but i am sorry i dont know how to add links as the previous person had done with the photo . The bird deliberately flew out to the middle of the very wide Daintree river, had a look for crocs . . . → Read More: Birding-Aus Digest, Vol 59, Issue 15

Remaining books….

Hi all,

Remaining books are still up for grabs. $5 per book or make me an offer

Regional Field Guide To Birds: Red Centre to the Top End (Pizzey & Knight) The Handbook of Australian Seabirds (DL Seventy) Intelligence In Animals (Michael Bright) Birds of Eastern & Central North America (Roger Tory Peterson) The . . . → Read More: Remaining books….

Re swimming Frogmouth

Hello I recently observed a Papuan Frogmouth swimming on the Daintree River North Queensland and I was interested if anyone else has observed this behaviour. It was an intentional swim and easy exit. Thank you . David. — Cheers,

David White Owner operator Ph +61 (0)40987131

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Hi birders

I just resigned from Birdlife Australia after being a member for ~40 years! I’ll be signing off from Birding-Aus as well (but I’ll still take a peep in the archives from time to time). Thanks to all here who have contributed (positively or negatively) to any matters I raised here over the years.

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Re Online Ornithology Course

When you say `proper`, I assume you mean higher qualifications like diplomas or degrees? Then, the Charles Sturt Uni course is your course.

However, some excellent courses are offered online by the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology. Some are for beginners, some for more advanced learners. Some are free, others require payment. Some are very . . . → Read More: Re Online Ornithology Course

Online ornithology course

Hi Birders

Could anyone recommend a proper ornithology course that can be undertaken online and is credible?

I know of one through Charles Sturt Uni, so any other would be helpful.

Many thanks Regards

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Wedge-tailed Eagles

It was very distressing to read Barney Enders Post re the poisoning of 136 Wedge-tailed Eagles One would like to think that in 2018 after extensive Public education over many years that all rational thinking Human beings would have been educated enough to understand that these birds although capable of attacking live animals eg lambs . . . → Read More: Wedge-tailed Eagles

Birdata uploads from eBird

Hi all,

Credit to Andrew Silcocks and Birdlife: much of promised data transfers have gone through. There is, though, a 15-month gap (30-9-15 – 25-12-16) in my My Data. But good news overall. Thanks all for your thoughtful comments. There’s plenty still to chew on, I feel, particularly with regard to Birdlife’s relevance and responses . . . → Read More: Birdata uploads from eBird

world shorebird day 2018 – What a week, what an outcome!

hi guys

as this years’s world shorebird day come to a close, i’d just like to congratulate all those who participated, on your great effort

it’s good to see a decent number of regos in our corner of the globe:-

Appreciating our shorebird counters we have three little gifts to give away.

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Birdata pickup from eBird surveys