Lyrebird renaming

I just wanted to get in first with – The Plumed Mulchscratcher aka the PM (for the Superb) and the Lesser Plumed Mulchscratcher aka LPM (for Prince Alberts). Thinking of renaming all Australian birds. Geoff

Winds of Change

… are blowing through our bird names.  For more than 10 years the possibility of changing English-language bird names referring to a person (‘personal’ or ‘eponymous’ names) has been on the table.  There are no longer any ‘correct’ or standard names, so the names used are a matter for the user  – whether . . . → Read More: Winds of Change

Maned Goose/Wood Duck.

I spent a few days at a caravan oark at Berri over the week end. I was pleasantly surprised by the numbers of duck feeding on the grassy sites put aside for tents and unpowered vehicles. Looking at them, it made me reflect. Yes we know they breed in trees, but do they roost in . . . → Read More: Maned Goose/Wood Duck.

[Birding-Aulis] Retwurn of the Plumed Egret.

Thanks for that Geoff. It's even more of a mess than I realised. I think ill just stick with intermediate.

On Wed, 1 Nov 2023, 09:30 Geoffrey Dabb, <> wrote:

Hello Tony

I hope the below will not make it even more complicated.

It will . . . → Read More: [Birding-Aulis] Retwurn of the Plumed Egret.

Return of the Plumed Egret

It was in 2014 that Birdlife International resurrected Gould’s Plumed Egret.  This was followed five years later by Birdlife Australia in its WLAB v.3.  According to the theory behind that, you only (or just about only) find Intermediate Egrets to Australia’s north. I know from bird hide conversations that this particular taxonomic update . . . → Read More: Return of the Plumed Egret

Fwd: Flocking currawongs

Hi. I'm in Drummoyne (Sydney) where there was a flock of Pied Currawongs about 6 weeks ago when trees in the (small!) Bob Smith Reserve were fruiting. I didn't try to count them but there were certainly more than 20. They were in and around the Reserve, very active and vocal, for at least 2 . . . → Read More: Fwd: Flocking currawongs

Flocking currawongs

Hi all,

I was at the Gold Coast last week and was interested to see large numbers of Pied Currawongs flocking around a new building site at sunset.

I have a photo, but I don’t think I can upload pictures on this chat group?

Probably 40 birds in all.

. . . → Read More: Flocking currawongs

Would Samoa be an over-wintering site for Golden Plovers?

Following on from my previous post, we saw a lot of golden plovers on Samoa, where they tended to hang out on mown lawns.

They all seemed to be in non-breeding plumage, which seemed to be a bit strange at the end of September. Is Samoa on the East Asian flyway? (It is to . . . → Read More: Would Samoa be an over-wintering site for Golden Plovers?

A Week in Samoa

My son and I spent a week at the end of September (late dry season) on the Island of Upolu. Matt wanted to go to a less-visited island in the Pacific and Samoa fitted the bill – mountains, rainforest, beaches, waterfalls, direct flights to and from Brisbane, and a friendly population with plenty of English . . . → Read More: A Week in Samoa

Margaret Cameron Memorial Service – Livestream link

Hi everyone

Further to my recent message, I've been advised that Margaret Cameron's family have organised for her memorial service to be streamed live. Please find below the link to access the live stream:

Service commences at 11.00am Queensland time (no daylight saving in . . . → Read More: Margaret Cameron Memorial Service – Livestream link