Flock bronzewing jump up

Flock bronzewing s Myers tank

Killer kookaburra (NSW)

Hi all,

A friend of mine just told me the following occurred on Castle Cove Golf Course in Sydney:

“Walking on golf course. Thought they were mating but one bird had the other by the neck and was slamming it on the ground (like they kill snakes) took 10 mins for the victim to . . . → Read More: Killer kookaburra (NSW)

NSW Twitchathon information

Hi All, For those wishing to enter the NSW Twitchathon this year (being run by BIGNET), or if you want to get behind one of the teams, please see details on the website: www.twitch24nsw.org/ Rules and other details are found here.

The fundraising target is $20,000 for the Origma Enigma, a bushfire relief effort . . . → Read More: NSW Twitchathon information

All The Birds of the World: Review

Dear Fellow Birders,

So, a few people asked me to write out my comments on the book “All the Birds of the World” Edited by del Hoyo and published by Lynx. Here they are:

Wow, it’s a huge book! The customs receipt lists it as 5kg. Also, it is very well-packaged in a pretty much . . . → Read More: All The Birds of the World: Review

FW: New birds in The Netherlands



From: Wim Vader <wjm.vader@gmail.com&gt; Sent: tirsdag 13. oktober 2020 17:04 To: Willem Jan Marinus Vader <wim.vader@uit.no&gt; Cc: Riet Keuchenius <mmkeuchenius@gmail.com&gt;; Jan Willem Vader <jw.vader@chello.nl&gt;; Lena de Vries <lenajee@ziggo.nl&gt;; Anja Kroodsma <anja.kroodsma@xs4all.nl&gt; Subject: New birds in The Netherlands


‘New ‘ birds in The Netherlands


. . . → Read More: FW: New birds in The Netherlands

Swift Signting – 18 Oct 2020

Hi all saw my first swifts of the spring/summer today at Central Coast Wetlands, Tuggerah, NSW. Approx 100 birds at peak, although unless I can actually count individually, I think that’s conservative – all WT Needletails that I could see.  It was a large group of birds that moved back and forth over the . . . → Read More: Swift Signting – 18 Oct 2020

Golden Bowerbird bower query

Can someone please update me on what if any regulations cover photography at Golden Bowerbird bowers? We currently have someone who has set up a blind with flash devices near a bower, and I seem to recall that this is not permitted? If we see a passing ranger we will ask him what the situation . . . → Read More: Golden Bowerbird bower query

night vision optics

Gooday all on BA


Has anyone on BA had experience with night vision optics for birding? In particular it would be interesting to be able to observe waders within about 100m. Any observations, advice and recommendations on equipment would be very much appreciated.


Thanking you and good . . . → Read More: night vision optics

2 lyrebirds and paradise riflebird heard


I'm here now: . Click this link ge0://wdngRQu0OH/My_Position or this one http://ge0.me/wdngRQu0OH/My_Position to see the place on the map.