Little Raven behaviour

We are staying in the caravan park at Portarlington on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, while we are between permanent homes.

This morning, as I was making breakfast, I was watching several birds foraging on the recently vacated sites near our camp. A Little Raven found something that looked a bit like half a sausage. It carried the object about 10 metres, placed it on the ground, excavated a small hole, put the object in the hole, then carefully covered it with tufts of grass that it plucked. The Raven then continued foraging.

A Magpie Lark discovered the object and began pecking at the tufts of grass. The Raven then returned and began re-arranging the tufts. This attracted the attention of a Silver Gull and the Raven retrieved the object, walked a few metres away and began eating it. When the Silver Gull flew off, the Raven carried the object to a patch of slightly longer grass and hid it again.



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