Letter-winged Kite at Terrick Terrick NP (Vic)

Yesterday Dan Ashdown and Owen Lishmund reported a Letter-winged kite at Terrick Terrick NP in Victoria (see Birdline below). Apparently it was with 6 Black-shouldered Kites. Question – is it unusual to have so many Black-shouldered Kites together? I don’t think I’ve seen more than a couple.

Hoping this bird is the first of many.

Peter Shute

Letter-winged Kite
Terrick Terrick National Park–The Meadows
Single bird seen associating with Black-shouldered Kites, perching on fences and lignum bushes and moved around through much of the reserve. Seen well in flight showing the extensive, solid black underwing bars. Also noted pronounced black in front of eyes with no black behind, paler legs/feet than Black-shouldered and dark grey on top of head and on mantle. Appeared slightly larger in comparison to Black-shouldered. Unforgettable experience. GPS coordinates of first sighting are: -36.112365, 144.434583 eBird checklist

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