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The weekend news regarding Orange-bellied Parrots is not encouraging – none of the ten OBPs that had arrived at Melaleuca were female – see

If the species doesn’t “turn the corner” it is quite possible that it won’t be too many years before OBPs are extinct in the wild and the only surviving populations will be captive bred.

If you haven’t seen OBPs in the wild or been to Melaleuca, this summer may be one of the last you can see them there. I had the fortune to spend some time there in December last year following a bushwalk to South West Cape. It was very enjoyable watching the OBPs coming in to a feeder through the picture window of the Deny King Museum – you can look them in the eye through the scope set up for people recording the identifying bands on their legs. If you have the chance to spend a bit of time there, the bushwalking huts are quite cosy and Par Avion runs plenty of flights in summer. If you are up to doing an overnight walk, Hidden Bay is well worth a visit – with a good chance of seeing Ground Parrots, Hooded Plovers, Southern Emu Wrens and Olive Whistlers etc.

Anyhow, I have attached an example of the sort of photo you can easily get [via the scope] of an OBP on the most photographed stick in Australia.

Regards, Laurie.

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