Interesting Olive Whistler behaviour

Today on Mt Franklin Road (Brindabella Ranges, ACT), about 2.5 km beyond the final locked gate I heard two male Olive Whistlers calling at each other using the call the various field guides describes as 'tu WIT tu', but prefacing it with three even notes: 'tu tu tu, tu WIT tu'.
One male was calling from the top of a bush and I observed him calling from about 10m away. What I saw was that before he called he opened his beak, remaining silent for a moment, then uttered a tiny, almost inaudible 'peep' before launching straight into the call. I have not seen this described, and I imagine only a very close recording would capture it, and even then a listener might think it belonged to a different bird.
I have not seen/heard Rufous or Golden Whistlers do anything similar.

John Leonard

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