good birding southern Eyre Peninsula SA

Hi all,

Recently I spent an enjoyable few days at the southern tip of the Eyre Peninsula, the upside-down triangle-shaped bit of land west of Adelaide. Due to the geography it’s 900 km by road or 20 mins by air to Pt Lincoln and from there, Lincoln NP is only 10km, and a bit further afield is Coffin Bay NP. Both contain coastal mallee-heath and spectacular coastlines, rocky outcrops, quiet, sheltered beaches and bays. The nearest inland reserve is Hincks Conservation Park, a massive expanse of mallee a bit over an hour’s drive north of Pt Lincoln. Over 4 days we tallied some 120 species and some of the highlights were:

Kellidie Bay Conservation Park 1 Osprey hovering over the water, then catching a small fish. 4 Aus Spotted Crakes heard from coastal swamp. 5 Grey Plovers and 1 Pacific Golden Plover.

Sleaford Bay Conservation Park 1 White-bellied Sea-eagle daily around Sleaford Bay. 200+ Cape Barren Geese 1 Koala

Lincoln NP 5 Brown Quail 1 Hooded Plover all 5 sp of Cormorant Little Eagle, Wedge-tailed Eagle Collared Sparrowhawk, Brown Goshawk few Fairy Terns 1 pair of Western Yellow Robin 4+ Western Whipbirds were heard and we had multiple good (but brief) views of one of those various Blue-breasted Fairy-wrens Aus (Port Lincoln) Ringnecks Horsfield’s Bronze and Shining Bronze-cuckoo Fan-tailed Cuckooo Purple-gaped & Tawny-crowned Honeyeater 100s of Dusky Woodswallows

Hincks Conservation Park 1 Aus Hobby 2 Peregrine Falcons Aus (Port Lincoln) Ringnecks Pallid Cuckoo Chestnut Quail-thrush White-eared Honeyeater 1 pair of Western Yellow Robin various Blue-breasted Fairy-wrens

Also a tiger snake, brown snake and a Koala.

Hope this is of use to future birders intending a visit there. I’ve put some of my photos here:

cheers Peter


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