Are birders having an identity crisis

Hi guys,

I wrote an article about the merging of photography and birding, and what
it means to be birder now. I used questionnaires for 230 birders to do
this, and I analysed the results after also talking o a few participants
with a please explain. The article mentions new types of trips for the
crossovers but is not a sales pitch. Take a look at the article on the link
below and please tell me what you think, but read it first. We had 1800
responses from facebook alone, but it was clear that some looked at the
title and decided their view, ie “birders good, photographers evil” or
“photographers good, birders jealous”. Let’s not do that here.


Iain Campbell
Tropical Birding Tours

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1 comment to Are birders having an identity crisis

  • peter

    Any excuse for a venn diagram? There’s no doubt that lots of birders carry a camera a lot of the time they’re birding now, and I feel this is mainly because they can, rather than a sudden change of attitude. Suitable cameras were prohibitively expensive till recently, and the patience required to learn to use them at a dollar or so a shot has been reduced to near free trial and error shooting.

    What intrigues me though is that most people seem to shun “id quality” photography in favour of high image quality. The latter is obviously much more satisfying to look at, and is often more useful, but comes at the cost of carrying several more kilos of unwieldy gear. Have we been lured into becoming photographers who bird, rather than birders with cameras?

    Peter Shute

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