Remembering Mallacoota

It is yet another irony that this scenic and interesting place is now associated by most Australians only with the sad and dramatic events of recent days.  I made a short visit there last October driving back to Canberra from Melbourne.  Martin Butterfield had suggested as a vantage point for shorebirds a spot beside the vast waterside caravan/camping park.  Only distant views of the birds,  but it was a peaceful and satisfying scene looking over the sand flats towards the entrance.  The nearby camping spaces were closed while the amenities were being refurbished for the coming busy season.  I am sorry for all those people who have suffered as a result of the fires.


The distant flock in the below snaps contains 3 species, the usual godwit and both knots.   The English Names Committee has recently considered names for the 3 Bar-tailed Godwit subspecies recorded for Australia.  The names chosen are taken from the names of localities used by each subspecies in the northern hemisphere.


A close up of a bird

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A flock of seagulls standing on a beach

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