eBird or Birdata (Jack Worcester)

Firstly thank you Jack for submitting standardised surveys into birdata. It really does help BirdLife Australia run State of Birds reports and indices which inform bird conservation priorities and decisions: birdlife.org.au/documents/SOAB-2015.pdf birdata and eBird are complementary in a country with such a large land mass and low population density, except for our cities. You . . . → Read More: eBird or Birdata (Jack Worcester)

eBird vs Birdata

Hi Jack eBird is in some ways more user friendly but Birdata is the national bird database and entering bird survey data conforming with birdata methodologies is the scientific way to go.  The data can then be used in a variety of ways by Birdlife Australia (our national birding organisaation) for research i.e. compilation of . . . → Read More: eBird vs Birdata

Southern Fulmars and Cape Petrels.

Hi all there was another Southern Fulmar from North Head Manly today the second in less than a week also very happy to see a Cape Petrel which have almost been nonexistent from North Head for about 6 or 7 years. Cheers Michael.

Help the Heathland this Saturday (8/6)


This Saturday’s session will be open to the general public to plant, weed, and clear bracken along the through route. There have been posters and, I hope, an email to residents of the neighbouring apartment blocks.

You are of course welcome to join in – but please help people to . . . → Read More: Help the Heathland this Saturday (8/6)

eBird or Birdata

I'm interested in opinions regarding the scientific usefulness of standardised surveys (2ha/20min) submitted to either eBird or Birdata. I understand data entered under a specific format into eBird will be incorporated within Birdata at quarterly intervals, but I don't believe there is any data flow in the other direction. I use Birdata to conduct monthly . . . → Read More: eBird or Birdata

RFI Darwin, Saturday 15 June

I shall be in Darwin next week for work, staying until the morning of Sunday 16 June, but it turns out that the friend and colleague who could have shown me around the local area on Saturday 15 June will now be in Queensland then.


Would any Darwin birder like . . . → Read More: RFI Darwin, Saturday 15 June