Help the Heathland this Saturday (8/6)


This Saturday’s session will be open to the general public to plant, weed, and clear bracken along the through route.  There have been posters and, I hope, an email to residents of the neighbouring apartment blocks.

You are of course welcome to join in – but please help people to plant correctly (e.g to the right depth) in particular.

There will also – see attached flier – be short talks by me and ??  about the Sanctuary and how to help it  Plus walks.

Any of you is welcome to show people around – maybe many will not have been inside the fence before. 

Other things are helping with water and biscuits,  and encouraging interested people to give their details on an attendance sheet.

World Environment Day was yesterday.  The Day was founded 46 years ago to show concern for “the preservation and enhancement of the environment, with a view to deepening environmental awareness”.

Thank you all for supporting that, whether or not you can make it on Saturday.

Michael Norris

Convenor, Friends of the Bay Road Heathland Sanctuary

0409 01 00 74

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