House Sparrow Decline

I have to admit it's important to adapt one's thinking in accordance with modernity. Being a 60 something year old male who grew up in Farm country in Canada I always regarded the house sparrow as an invasive pest. They would take over my treasured Tree Swallow nest boxes, killing adults, young and destroying eggs . . . → Read More: House Sparrow Decline

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Dear Birding-Aus readers,


I am reading the e-mails on Melbourne "Sparrows" with interest and empathy.


 I currently live in (and work out of) London, UK. I copy an article below by the RSPB on the similar phenomenon in London as . . . → Read More: FW: House Sparrow Disappearance

Sparrow pie

The decline of house sparrows must be multifactorial. Although probably irrelevant in their overall population, small birds such as sparrows apparently made delicious pies, slowly cooked entire for hours until bones and all were soft enough to eat. These pies were responsible for the carnage of migrating songbirds in Southern Europe, which still goes on . . . → Read More: Sparrow pie

FW: House Sparrows.

My apologies to all … the email I sent a few moments ago should have used the word ROOST … not ROOT, although either word could be used in the context of the discussion!


Stephen Ambrose

Ryde NSW


From: Stephen Ambrose <; Sent: 7 February 2019 . . . → Read More: FW: House Sparrows.

Collared Pratincole – 1st For Australia

Hi all, For those who haven't seen the posts on Facebook, the Oriental Pratincole that has been hanging around Herdsman Lake in Perth has been re-identified as Australia's very first Collared Pratincole. As of yesterday evening the bird was still present. I imagine this site will receive many visitors across the weekend! This makes two . . . → Read More: Collared Pratincole – 1st For Australia