House Sparrow Decline

I have to admit it's important to adapt one's thinking in accordance with modernity.  Being a 60 something year old male who grew up in Farm country in Canada I always regarded the house sparrow as an invasive pest.  They would take over my treasured Tree Swallow nest boxes, killing adults, young and destroying eggs to acquire the man made cavity for their own uses.
I placed 6 bird boxes on a friends ranch here in Northern California with similar results.  Once the stunningly beautiful Western Bluebird young were partially grown the sneaky sparrows entered the cavity, bludgeoned the young bluebirds to death with their stout bills and then built a nest over the bodies.  I have never been a fan of this species.  So I may have to rethink this one…
Thanks for the interesting global perspective on the House Sparrow
Cheers everyone
Don K

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