Red goshawk research

The Red Goshawk conversation is interesting but not conservationally enlightening re the proposed area apparently to be Strip Mined.

Would any findings in any significant way affect the Development and if so how?

Who decides.

Even Rio Tinto can’t create thousands of hectares of Red Goshawk habitat , or could they ultimately rehabilitate the stripped . . . → Read More: Red goshawk research

A little perspective on catching of raptors

I just thought I would add a little context by putting forward a real issue for people to grapple with. Have a look at this for something to advocate for (along with many other causes). Fortunately this is a story that has seen a positive change.



. . . → Read More: A little perspective on catching of raptors

Who is the killer

Whilst I am not trying to start a new conversation on this subject (but found it all so interesting), I now believe the Tawny Frogmouth was killed by a fox. We found the feathers well away from the other deaths and as I said under pine trees. Last night I managed to get a night . . . → Read More: Who is the killer

Red Goshawk

Hi Steve

While I do applaud your OBSERVATIONAL Red Goshawk and other raptor surveys in Cape York, we are getting away from my initial concerns of trapping Red Goshawks during their breeding season. I’m sure you have made Richard Seaton aware of my and many others concerns.

As for revealing your active Red . . . → Read More: Red Goshawk

RFI “Rock Warbler Spot”

Hello, I will be heading North East from Dubbo, with some time for camping and bird watching over the next two days. I noticed an article in a local paper about fires through Goonoo, so I am considering heading towards Goulburn River NP and then North, rather than through Mendooran. I’ve found conflicting advice . . . → Read More: RFI “Rock Warbler Spot”

Dollar birds

Dear All Seasons Greetings!

Lovely to hear Dollarbirds on the Central Coast at Macmasters Beach this morning. 3WTNT or Swifts flew through, north to south, around 10 am yesterday morning.

Cheers Chris

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(no subject)

I have just seen two Torresian Crows together mob the peak of a conifer, from which one swooped off with a live large-ish passerine, squawking pitifully. Perhaps an ill-stashed fledgling, though no bird chased them. I’d not noticed TCrows take live animals before ! Judith 500m SEQ

— Judith

Christmas Day White-throated Needletails SEQ

Seasons greetings Mike and Birding Aus-ers At Kobble Creek, SEQ (27 14' S / 152 47' E) A loose flock of approx 20 WTNTs passed overhead the property today – drifting in a easterly direction first at 2pm and then, possibly the same loose flock, drifting back in a westerly direction at 5.18pm. — . . . → Read More: Christmas Day White-throated Needletails SEQ

Red Goshawks caught and netted during nesting season

Hi  Mr. Debus


It might be fine for you to accuse some of the concerned  public as going off half-cocked about the latest Red Goshawk debacle but how can we be sure that it is not you also going off half-cocked with the information you provided. You talk about the . . . → Read More: Red Goshawks caught and netted during nesting season

Peregrine Falcon question

A pair of Peregrine Falcons have resided on top of the 12 story Grand Hotel at Glenelg, an Adelaide seaside suburb, for many years. Since I have been living in the area (three years) I have seen one, most likely the male (based on size) most days. Occasionally, there are two.

There . . . → Read More: Peregrine Falcon question