Wedge-tailed Eagles

Madelon, I’m afraid you could be right, we have got a lot of gutless people on the bench nowadays.

It is the biggest case of this type ever seen, so I hope the scribes keep the pressure on them.

The more publicity this gets the more people may have a say and someone in high . . . → Read More: Wedge-tailed Eagles

RFI: 40-spotted Pardalote

Hi all,

After a couple of trips to Tasmania the Forty-spotted Pardalote has so far eluded me and remains the only Tassie endemic missing from my list. However, I’m fortunate enough to be heading back down to Hobart next week for a conference. I should be able to get away for some limited birding and . . . → Read More: RFI: 40-spotted Pardalote

Birdata pickup from eBird surveys

I think from what Andrew said at a BirdLife Melbourne meeting last year, that part of the difficulty was that BirdLife finds the 2ha 20 min. survey most useful, and it wasn’t always apparent from eBird lists just how the person was doing their list i.e. just using Travelling for the type of list, for . . . → Read More: Birdata pickup from eBird surveys

Wedge-tailed Eagles

A East Gippsland man has been charged to-day with poisoning 136 Wedge-tailed Eagles.

The poisoning is thought to have happened over several years when baits were impregnated

with poison.

He faces a possible 6 months imprisonment and maximin fines of $7928 per eagle and

$792 for each additional bird.

It is believed he is not . . . → Read More: Wedge-tailed Eagles