Wedge-tailed Eagles

Madelon, I’m afraid you could be right, we have got a lot of gutless people
on the bench nowadays.

It is the biggest case of this type ever seen, so I hope the scribes keep
the pressure on them.

The more publicity this gets the more people may have a say and someone in
high places might get a

rush of blood and do something.

A lot of questions still to be answered.

How long has this disastrous event been going on ??

How did he attract so many Eagles onto that Farm ??

Why did the informant wait so long to notify the authorities ??

Were all the carcasses found or is there many more ??

How has the killing of so many effected the Wedge-tails wellbeing in
Victoria ??

A complete tragic disaster all-round to one magnificent bird, it will take
many years to breed up another

136 Eagles in that area, if ever.


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