Donald Kimball – Bridge Cameras

Donald, and Others,

Please share the bridge camera responses with us all.

As, the user of a several years old Sony Cybershot Bridge Camera (a mere x35 magnification), I am aware that the current crop of Bridge cameras have far more grunt in the zoom department – some up to x83 optical.

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Durikai SF

I have an opportunity to visit Durikai SF for some hours this Friday morning. I wonder if anyone could provide advice about good spots (incl. waterholes) in the northern section, accessible from the Cunningham Highway? Many thanks, Hans

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The ultimate bird photographer question faux – pas?

Okay first off I want to say how much I appreciate and take my hats off to so many amazing bird photographers in Aus! I won’t list names but there are many!

That said even though I normally use video, I am going to go down that slippery slope of purchasing a bridge camera rather . . . → Read More: The ultimate bird photographer question faux – pas?


Yeah, g’day Mike Just did trip across Coffs Harbour and for 6 minutes from 8.01am to 8.07, we had a constant flock of WTNT, flying low. We were under the flock from the Big Banana to just short of Baringa hospital on a roundabout route. They were moving south. When we first spotted them, we . . . → Read More: WTNT