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Donald, and Others,

Please share the bridge camera responses with us all.

As, the user of a several years old Sony Cybershot Bridge Camera (a mere x35 magnification), I am aware that the current crop of Bridge cameras have far more grunt in the zoom department – some up to x83 optical.

I was put on to my camera by Greg Roberts, ( ) who, then, illustrated his trip reports with great, and sufficient, shots from a Sony Cybershot. As I usually lug a telescope as well as binoculars, I wanted the lightest camera that would “do the job”. i.e. record shots, and followed Greg’s example.

(Subsequently, Greg told me that he moved up to a Canon DSLR and gets even better pics.)

I am still wedded to a bridge camera for my purposes. However, I am always thinking of possible update, particularly attracted by a bit more zoom.

I include below three web links that all review 10 or so Bridge cameras from last year’s crop. It is noteworthy that the camera purists put the higher zoom lens cameras at the bottom of the heap, whereas I, as a birder, need the higher zoom capacity as a top priority. I am prepared to trade a bit of photo perfection for the extra reach, so often needed in birding. Consequently I am very interested to hear from birders with experience using the newer higher optical zoom capacity Bridge cameras..

Angus Innes.,

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