Trey Mitchell

Hi folks. For those who may have missed the news, Trey Mitchell passed away suddenly in mid Nov. Trey was the webmaster for the BirdaDay website. I’m sure that the many Aussies who have participated in the yearly BirdaDay will miss him and mourn his passing. I have not heard any news as to whether . . . → Read More: Trey Mitchell

Mitchell Plateau charter for Black Grasswren 6 June 2018 advertisement

Mitchell Plateau charter for Black Grasswren 6 June 2018

As per previous years, including the successful 2017 excursion, Australian Ornithological Services will run a one-day charter to the Mitchell Plateau at the end of our 2018 Top End tour. It involves fixed-wing to the Mitchell Plateau airstrip and then helicopters to the campground. The plane . . . → Read More: Mitchell Plateau charter for Black Grasswren 6 June 2018 advertisement

update on gamba grass threat

Recently Pew Charitable Trusts and NT Natural Resource Management ran a forum on gamba grass on which I was a panel member. According to Garry Cook, a CSIRO research scientist at the forum, gamba grass is out of control, meaning that ‘Balanda grass’ as Bininj (Aboriginal) rangers call it, may well realise its potential to . . . → Read More: update on gamba grass threat

Field Guide for Birds of North India

Hi all. Any ideas for the above? A fairly lightweight paperback if possible. I plan to purchase the Helm Field Guide to Birds of Sri Lanka also. We’ll be there in the new year including Delhi, Keoladeo NP, Bund Baretha Wetlands & Ranthambore NP, so lots of migratory birds.

Cheers, Sue

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. . . → Read More: Field Guide for Birds of North India

An interesting case of speciation within a couple of generations

on the Galapagos Islands, of course …


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Unusual Woodswallow nest site.

I visit an industrial estate here on the Gold Coast regularly. In one particular street there are always a small group, up to 10, White-Breasted Woodswallows flying around in what you’d say is not a particularly Woodswallowly spot. Last week I found out why noticing a nearly fledged brood poking their heads out the gap . . . → Read More: Unusual Woodswallow nest site.

expensive birding. Putta Bucca Wetlands.

Hi All,

Re Expensive Central Tablelands birding;

Catering to well heeled aliens in particular, good value if they see all the birds listed, which they should, seasonally adjusted perhaps for a couple of spp.

We spent the weekend in Mudgee, at the fabulous Huntington Music Festival, occasionally drowned out by Wattlebirds and Galahs.

. . . → Read More: expensive birding. Putta Bucca Wetlands.

Thailand tour vacancy (ADVERTISEMENT)

Dear all,

Our Thailand tour in Feb/Mar next year has a couple of vacancies. Led by Steve Potter and local guides, it’s going to be an exciting trip with lots of good birds, great food and camaraderie..

Thailand’s superb network of reserves contains a great diversity of habitats, from lowland rainforest to montane evergreen . . . → Read More: Thailand tour vacancy (ADVERTISEMENT)

Birding in Barraba

I am parked off in the bucolic bliss of Barraba for a week and in the course of wandering the town I came across a brand new sign illustrating the birds that can be found on the path that follows the Manilla River. It is branded TRC and Birdlife but I would be interested to . . . → Read More: Birding in Barraba

Attenborough got the wrong bird

It happens all the time the other way around (Red-tailed Hawk calls dubbed into film willy nilly. Tonight I caught out another error on Attenborough’s Planet Earth on TV. A bit featuring the Sonoran desert in SW USA and him explaining how the saguaro cactus is able to absorb a lot of water. During that . . . → Read More: Attenborough got the wrong bird