Papuan Pitta

An extract from my forthcoming New Guinea Field Guide

Papuan Pitta Erythropitta macklotii Uncommon resident (NG) L 17 cm. Six subspecies in region in 3 groups: Papuan Pitta mack- lotii bright orange-rufous nape, no pale blue on head, variable black breast band (W and S NG including W Papuan Is, Yapen and Aru Is); digglesi . . . → Read More: Papuan Pitta

Lynx Birds of the World

Hi Mike and Michael, The taxonomy used in the two volume Lynx Non-Passerines and Passerines editions is their own Lynx-BirdLife one, not the IOC. It is actually now the most radical taxonomy of them all and recognises something like 10965 species, with more to come in due course. The taxonomy is heavily based on morphological . . . → Read More: Lynx Birds of the World

Bird names

Hi All.

Following the Pitta name change posting I have been delving into Lynx’s “Birds of the World” in which the current IOC taxonomy is used.

These are a quite fantastic two volumes, particularly for those bird when the travelling around the world. For instance we twitched the Big Island of Hawaii recently,( . . . → Read More: Bird names