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The taxonomy used in the two volume Lynx Non-Passerines and Passerines editions is their own Lynx-BirdLife one, not the IOC. It is actually now the most radical taxonomy of them all and recognises something like 10965 species, with more to come in due course. The taxonomy is heavily based on morphological differentiation, with genetic data downplayed, and uses a scoring system based on the Tpbias methodology. This allocates a numerical value to each and every difference between taxa. 7 is the magic number at which it is deemed a species, and this is an attempt to minimise subjectivity in defining such, though of course it is not perfect and does not work for morphologically similar species. It has been the subject of mixed reviews but it does shine a light on many poorly known taxa and has some revealing outcomes, and I certainly recommend both volumes as a stimulating look at the wonderful diversity of birds.

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