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Unreported White-throated Needletail sightings.

G’day Bird Observers, I am working on the last seasons WTNT report so if you have unreported sightings I would love to receive them please.

One interesting observation was by Demetrios Bertzeletos who saw an estimated 6,000 WTNT at Surfside 22nd March. This would be the majority of the total population and might explain why . . . → Read More: Unreported White-throated Needletail sightings.

David Fisher RIP

Very sad news that David Fisher of Sunbird Bird Tours died in his sleep on May 22, his lung cancer treatment was unsuccessful and we have lost a terrific birder and all round nice guy, well known to many Aus birders from this frequent visits over many years. RIP David, sorely missed Phil Gregory oreornis@gmail.com . . . → Read More: David Fisher RIP

Feather identification…

Feather identification

Hi there Just posting this on behalf of someone… Does anyone know what bird this feather belongs to? Pheasant Coucal or Kookaburra or neither?? Let me know and I’ll pass it on… Kirri 😊


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. . . → Read More: Feather identification

Lost camera

We visited the Western Treatment Plant yesterday. As we can't find our small camera at our apartment we assume we somehow dropped it out of the car in the plant yesterday. It is a small Panasonic in a black case. If anyone finds such a thing could they email me to discuss how to . . . → Read More: Lost camera

Curtis island QLD

Hi all Just wondering who has been to Curtis Island QLD near Gladstone and what birds I should expect to see/what I should look out for… I saw a post about the Capricorn Yellow Chat on Curtis island…could anyone give me any info on possible location if that’s allowed?? We’ll be there in just over . . . → Read More: Curtis island QLD

Naretha BlueBonnets

Hi all. In about a week’s time, we plan to be on Koonalda Road which, for those in the know, is off the Eyre Hwy in western South Australia – on the Nullarbor. We have given ourselves an entire day to find some Naretha B-Bs somewhere along this road. The best area, from . . . → Read More: Naretha BlueBonnets

FW: A day on the outer coast



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17 May is Constitution Day . . . → Read More: FW: A day on the outer coast

Spring Migration in Canada

Dear List,

I started birding in Australia when I did a postdoc there in math at the University of Melbourne. I got 295 species of birds there. It was a truly unforgettable experience. I still remember finding the Noisy Pitta by its rustling in the undergrowth in Cape Tribulation and the cacophony of hundreds of . . . → Read More: Spring Migration in Canada