Naretha BlueBonnets

Hi all. In about a week’s time, we plan to be on Koonalda Road which, for those in the know, is off the Eyre Hwy in western South Australia – on the Nullarbor. We have given ourselves an entire day to find some Naretha B-Bs somewhere along this road. The best area, from eBird reports, seems to be between the Hwy and the Homestead. I am hoping that someone in the birding-aus community can give me some more detailed spots along this particular road – distances??, co-ordinates??, left/right, east/west, N/S?? – for us to concentrate our initial searching. Any info. will be gratefully received.

We will then be staying at Border Village that night. B-Bs have also been reported from there. Again, any info for this site re where to look – eg  between the R/H and the beach, around the airport or just over the border – will also be welcomed. Please reply directly to us if that suits you.


Brian & Meg Johnson


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