Spring Migration in Canada

Dear List,

I started birding in Australia when I did a postdoc there in math at the
University of Melbourne. I got 295 species of birds there. It was a
truly unforgettable experience. I still remember finding the Noisy Pitta
by its rustling in the undergrowth in Cape Tribulation and the cacophony
of hundreds of Galahs flying towards me at Terrick Terrick.

Being from Canada, I came back here for a permanent job. Of course, I
didn’t stop birding. I recently decided to take a trip down to the Great
Lakes to experience the ‘Warbler Migration’. Warblers are small
passerines with a great variety of colourful breeding plumages and their
spring migration is probably the highlight of Canadian birding. There
are 110 species of them. I still only have a small number in my list: 21.

But when the conditions are right and the forest swarms with these
colourful birds, the experience of seeing them is amazing. I did have to
get up quite early (5AM) to see them in time as they are very regular in
their appearance when the conditions are right. If anyone is planning a
trip to North America for birds, targeting warblers would be a trip
highlight for sure.

I made a video of the experience for those interested:



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