Dollarbird migrations

It's just occurred to me that the Dollarbird migrates from north of Australia to south-eastern Australia to breed, but also migrates from SE Asia to northern China, Korea and Japan to breed. Are there any other birds that migrate both north and south of the tropics to breed?

— John Leonard

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Lightning Ridge.

I have just had a few days in Lightning Ridge N S W and found that the drought has decimated several varieties

of birds, but there were an enormous amount of Diamond Doves, White-winged Trillers, Mallee Ringnecks,

and hundreds of Rufous Songlarks, they were everywhere in groups of dozens, with the . . . → Read More: Lightning Ridge.

Sanderling in breeding colours. Ballina NSW

Might be of interest to some. Last Thursday, 3rd Dec, at Flat Rock, Ballina, far northern NSW, there was an unusual Sanderling, in breeding colours.

Don’t know if a photo that I’ve attached will get thru birding-aus, but you can see a few more photos on my eBird list.

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Little Blue Book

If you Email and make arrangements for us to send you some. We printed 2000 so there are plenty! Regards, Sue

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Little Blue Book

The thing we miss about BOCA is the Blue Book to keep bird list.  Maybe these days, you are expected to keep them on your phone, but what are the chances that it could be resurrected, updated, and made available from the shop? Peter and Bev Morgan

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last minute vacancy on Papuan Pitta tour (advertisement)

Hi all, A last-minute vacancy has arisen on our five day wet season Far North Qld "Papuan Pitta tour", commencing 18 January 2021. Not only will we look for the Papuan Pitta (previously known as Red-bellied Pitta), we also have a good chance of other wet season specialties such as Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher and . . . → Read More: last minute vacancy on Papuan Pitta tour (advertisement)

Birdpedia – Australia – Weekly Digest

The following is a digest of Sightings Reported on Birdpedia for the period Monday, November 30, 2020 to Sunday, December 6, 2020:

Area: SA

Location: Adelaide Botanic Garden

Brown Goshawk (Accipiter fasciatus) (1) One or two yellow-tailed black cockatoos (YTBC) had been flying over high up all morning. Suddenly a YTBC flew at tree-top level . . . → Read More: Birdpedia – Australia – Weekly Digest