Yandina Creek Wetland


The disgruntled landowner’s property was one of three that made up the
initial acquisition proposal for the Yandina Creek Wetland that was
submitted to the Sunshine Coast Council in 2014.

The landowner subsequently decided to drain her property, as is her right,
but the acquisition proposal was then amended to excise the property as it
was no longer considered an integral part of the wetlands complex.

Focus shifted to the two much bigger neighbouring properties, which were
recently acquired by Unitywater so that the wetland can be re-established.

The landowner is upset that at the end of the day, her property was not
part of the wetlands package so she has carried on a personal crusade
against the project.

Yes, birders visiting the area are threatened with legal action for
trespass but they can be safe in the knowledge although there is presently
no access to the wetland proper, the southern edge of the area – River Road
– is not private property.

Greg Roberts

*From*: Peter Shute < pshute@nuw.org.au>
*Date*: Thu, 16 Feb 2017 16:45:38 +0000

What’s her gripe, Greg? Did she want her property acquired? Or doesn’t she want
a wetland near her property? What legal action is she threatening? Trespass?

Peter Shute

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