Yandina Creek Wetland

Thanks Jude

Be assured, this particular resident has got it wrong, very wrong.

The reason is that her property was excised from the original wetlands
acquisition proposal after she drained the wetland on her property.

So the person in question is pretty much bitter about having been left out
of the final wetlands negotiations.

Anyone venturing down River Road to go birding should be on the lookout for
her. She will bail up any birder she sees and threaten them will legal
action. Just ignore her.

*From*: Roaminoz – < roaminoz@hotmail.com>
*Date*: Wed, 15 Feb 2017 07:19:37 +0000

I heard Greg on the radio yesterday .. well done. However, today on the radio
seems a couple of the residents along River Road are not impressed. Seems
their story is different to Greg’s in that a particular resident states Unity
Water has not agreed to a eco system through the wetlands. Fingers crossed
that resident has it wrong.


Greg Roberts

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